This game has an ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. However, adventurous players do not necessarily have to participate in the ecosystem. The concept is build a civilization in the post-apocalyptic world. THE BLACKOUT has two roles. Which is a pioneer and an adventurer. The pioneer can own the land. It is also possible to prosper the land. Land development is enhanced by trading crops and ores. You can use robots to grow crops and excavate minerals faster. Adventurers roam the land and trade crops and ores. By trading, you can get currency and live. However, there are zombies in the world of THE BLACK OUT. Living in the world outside the land is harsh and has a low survival rate. Your robot will help you kill the zombies. It also recovers your life. Of course, you also have the option of living in a zombie world without trading. But that won't be easy. ※Specifications are under development.

The BLACKOUTのゲーム上のアイテムはすべてNFTで生成されます。 また、商業として流通される作物と鉱石はジェネレーティブとなっているので、ゲーム上で合成や鋳造することが可能です。
All the items in the game of The BLACK OUT are generated by NFT. Also, crops and ores are generative, so you can combine and mint them in the game.

Pioneers are owners of land. The value of land will increase by simply owning it. That is because other game players will help in the development of the land. Of course, you yourself can also play and speed up the development of your own land. You can also just sell the land at any given time.

Travelers travel across lands in search of food and materials. They can either rely on developed lands built by the Pioneers, or go around the wastelands on their own. Anyone can download and play the game as a Traveler, even if they do not own any of the THE BLACKOUT collection NFTs.
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